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New State Laws Ban Material from Michigan Landfills

The Federal District Court in Detroit confirmed the implementation of a series of new state laws that added to the list of materials banned from Michigan landfills.

Effective, November 1, 2004 Michigan landfills and hauling companies can not knowingly transport or dispose of whole tires, yard waste nor beverage containers as defined in Public Acts 34 and 35 of Public Acts of 2004.

Beverage containers, whole tires, small amounts of yard waste after the yard waste collection programs end, can no longer be collected.

Please review the following suggestions:

  • Tire Disposal: pay the tire disposal fee at the time of purchase, take any tire(s) that you have to the tire retailer and pay the disposal fee, cut the tire in half and place at the curbside, collect these items during Household Hazardous Waste Day events.

  • Beverage Containers: return all MI . 10 cent deposit containers to the local store for refund or place in your recycle bin with other recyclable material.

  • Yard Waste: do not place any yard waste at the curbside after the local yard collection program ends. WM representatives are available to meet and identify ways to educate residents on these issues.

We believe by working together we can effectively implement the new state laws as defined and serve in the best interests of all involved. If you have any additional questions please contact City Hall during regular business hours.

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