Sandusky, MI

A caring community with quality services that focuses on people, where a business and community partnership creates opportunities for all.”







Sanilac County Courthouse

Sandusky High School




Community Partners
We are not alone in making the Sandusky Community a great place to live and work. Check out the links below to view our partners in making Sandusky, "a nice place to visit, and a great place to live".

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Delivery Services
Sandusky has delivery services available from all the major players, and in addition features smaller local delivery services and trucking companies.

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Education is a #1 priority in Sandusky. Sandusky is home to two schools, Sandusky Elementry and Sandusky High School, all located within less than a mile of each other. All K-12 classes include the required core curriculum in math, language, science and social studies, as well as enhanced classes in physical education and fine arts. The school system also offers extensive sports and extra curricular programs.

Sandusky is home to a several preschool programs. The Sanilac County Career Center offers Vocational Training for grades 11 and 12, a specialized Math and Science program for grades 9-12, and several community education programs. Advanced educational opportunities are available from nearby community colleges and major universities.

Sandusky is also home to the Sanilac Intermediate School Distict, which has two schools located within city limits. The third school is located within the Sanilac County Career Center. 

Check out the links below for further information on educational opportunities in the Sandusky area.

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Emergency Services (For any Emergency Call 911)
All Sandusky Emergency Services can be accessed through the Sanilac County Central Dispatch. Sandusky has three police units located within the city limits. Emergency Services in the Sandusky Community...

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Health Care
Community health care has always been a major focus in Sandusky. Comprehensive health care, including 24 hour ambulance service and 24 hour emergency room care are offered in Sandusky and at satellite facilities throughout the community. Long term care is provided by a county facility, which features an Alzheimer unit as well as many private long term care facilities. The community mental health program offers comprehensive mental health services along with Employee Assistance Programming. Check out the links below to find more information on the excellent health care in Sandusky.

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Our community is served by three local radio stations, a weekly newspaper, two Detroit newspapers, Port Huron newspaper and two shoppers guides. Check out the links below to find more information on the media coverage in Sandusky.

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  • Tubbs Brothers, Inc. (Rental Cars)

  • Sandusky Taxi